Saw Arbors

Stub Arbors For Saws

General Purpose Series

General purpose slitting/slotting saw arbors. Hardened all over (58/60 Rc) for added toughness on cutter locating surfaces and shanks. Shanks ground to within .001″ T.I.R. of cutter location diameter. Extra long, strong body with protective black oxide finish. Super low profile on caps allows cutter to reach areas inaccessible with conventional arbors. Stout plug: extra support, less vibration. Weldon style shanks.

Gold Star Precision Series

Martindale now offers a Gold Series reach arbor. These arbors are heat treated and ground to .0004” T.I.R. concentricity and squareness. They are engineered for use with carbide cutters or where accuracy is a must. This VIBRA-CORE design, along with the deep low profile caps, gives extra support and less vibration.

TI-LOC® Saw Arbors with Integrated ER Taper

Taper integrated tooling for advanced productivity

Keyed Quad Drive Milling Arbor

These arbors are high precision, semi-low-profile, and keyed. Their patented design allows side milling with very thin cutters (as thin as .001”), where torque and cutter slippage can be an issue. The quad locking mechanism prevents the cap from rotating, giving operators the ability to run cutters in either direction.

Custom Arbors

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