Modified Special

Gaylee Saws can modify standard saws and cutters in this catalog to meet your special job requirements. Most modified standards can be shipped within one week...much sooner than the time required to manufacture special tools. In addition, modified standard cutters usually offer substantial cost savings over specially manufactured tools. Prices of modifed and special cutters are quated on quantities required.

If your application requires a modified or special saw/cutter, as much information as possible concerning your application should be supplied:

  • Saw Diameter
  • Number of Teeth
  • Keyway Dimension
  • Work Material
  • Depth of Cut
  • Tolerance Required
  • Form to be Generated
  • Arbor (Hole) Size
  • Slot Width
  • Hub Width
  • Hub Diameter
  • Machine Used
  • Rockwell Hardness
  • Present Cutter Used
  • Results Being Obtained With Present Cutter
  • Speed(s) RPM
  • Feeds (SFM, CPI and/or IPR)
  • Special Tooth Configuration
  • Are Saws To Be Used In Gang Configuration