Saws and Cutters

Carbide SawsCutter from Gaylee Saws are manufactured with dish towards the arbor hole to avoid dragging in the cut, thereby reducing side friction. This feature is especially helpful in deep cuts, cutting copper, certain plastics, and where parts tend to compress on the saw blade from cutting pressures

Titanium Nitride (TIN) coating and other surface treatments can be added to all GAYLEE cutters for superior cutting performance and finish, providing up to 8 times increase in tool life in many materials.

At Gaylee Saws, cutters with an O.D. of 2" or larger are stocked with standard hubs and keyways to give you the highest performance. If the customer so desires, cutters may be ordered without hubs or keyways. 

GAYLEE solid carbide saws excel in overcoming the abrasive action encountered in individual and gang slotting of tough steels, cast irons, and exotic non-ferrous and non-metallic materials such as fiberglass, epoxies and composites.

Use of solid carbide saws permits a far greater number of teeth in a given saw size than is possible with carbide-tipped saws. A greater number of teeth allows reduced chip load, higher speeds and feeds, and improved quality of the finished cut. 

Timely shipment of your tooling order is of paramount importance because Gaylee Saws believes that customer satisfaction is our most important goal. We realize that we can gain the highest degree of customer confidence by manufacturing and shipping only the best saws and cutters available. This dedication to service excellence has earned Gaylee Saws recognition as "Specialists in Precision" and has established the company as one of the leading precision thin saw manufacturers in the world.