About Gaylee Saws

Gaylee Saws, originally founded in 1947 as Gaylee Corporation, became a wholly owned subsidiary of North American Tool Corporation in 1994. At that time, the Gaylee tradition was a perfect fit within North American Tool, which was created in 1986 with these simple “Back-To-Basics” goals and ideals:

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Quality Products
  • Shipped On Time

Today, Gaylee Saws, along with North American Tool Corporation, Bitner Tooling Technologies, Allen Benjamin, Inc. and Group United are part of the Global Specialty Solutions Inc. family of companies.

Gaylee Saws is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Manufacturer.

The carbide Gaylee Thin Saw is suited to high precision work, and in greater thicknesses can handle your heaviest cuts. Carbide circular saws from Gaylee Saws are manufactured to limits of accuracy and tolerance unsurpassed by most tool manufacturers. Whether stocked standards, modified specials, or precision, economical saw gangs, Gaylee Saws could very well be your solution to costly problem jobs or your 'go-to' company for everyday carbide sawing operations. Contact Gaylee Saws with your requirements.